Many bereaved parents find it comforting to have physical objects and experiences to connect them to their child. Below are a number of ways in which families we have worked with have creatively captured their baby's memory. 


If you are anticipating your baby's birth, or if he/she is still with you, know that we have a committed group of local, professional photographers who are willing to donate their services to bereaved families. If you think this resource could be helpful for you, please get in touch with us as soon as possible by texting or calling 413-570-0811 so we can make all the necessary arrangements. 

Memorial Jewelry

Stephanie Flynn is an accomplished silversmith and dear friend of Empty Arms' founder, Carol McMurrich. Much of her work and beautiful jewelry is inspired by her first daughter Alexandra, who was stillborn in in 1999.

If you have handprints or footprints Flynn can embed these in pendants. Stephanie will kick back a percentage of all Empty Arms related purchases to our organization, so please mention how you found her when you place an order. 

Other jewelers that have beautiful things to offer are My Forever ChildLa Belle DameMama Mia, Heart on Your Wrist, and Wisp Adornments: All of these artists offer memorial jewelry with your child's name, birthstone, hand/footprint, or other meaningful symbol.


You can order an embroidered memorial handkerchief with your child's name on it. Some people carry them in their pocket, while others use them for display. 

Textile artist Tina Acker says, 

I am honored to offer KMT Memories items in support of Empty Arms Bereavement Group and, in turn, Emma’s Fund.

While I never had the opportunity to meet Emma Dias, I’ve know her mother, Kate, for many years. “Back in the day” Kate worked in a department I managed at UMass/Amherst but soon we all realized that for Kate to grow and fulfill her dreams she had to devote herself full time to her nursing career. We lost touch after awhile, but through FaceBook I was able to “see” her future unfold.

When I first read about Emma’s short life, I was stunned and saddened. Reading it through Kate & Jon’s eyes let me see the depth of grief they felt; in truth I cannot begin to comprehend what they’ve gone (and continue to go) through. But Emma gave me the chance to reconnect with someone I admire immensely! Kate was able to share some details with me that allowed me to create something for an event with Emma’s style in mind; their theme was owls in purples and greens. That got me thinking that I could, in a small way, support their foundation, and at the same time help others remember a loved one. 50% of any profit from KMT Memories items will go to Emma’s Fund.

Visit KMT Memories to see some of her creations and request your custom order. 

Other Creative Ways to Remember

To Write Their Names in the Sand: your child's name written and photographed on a beautiful Australian beach at sunset. Offered by Carly Marie, also a bereaved mother. 

After Iris Reads Aloud: poetry read in memory of your child

Portraits by Dana: hand-drawn memorial portraits

Art from Ashes: sculpture, jewelry, or other keepsakes that incorporate ashes