Empty Arms is governed by a working board of six to eight members, all of whom are totally committed to the work that we do. Every board member has a deep personal connection to pregnancy or infant loss, either through personal experience or professionally. We're so grateful to have this amazing team to help us make decisions, fundraise, and plan for the future of this organization.

Our Officers

Our Directors 

Our Staff

We have two people who work for Empty Arms: Carol McMurrich and Lisa Hamilton

  • Carol is our our founder and director. She heads up the programming and people-organizing for Empty Arms. She organizes the logistics for meetings, makes all initial reach-out phone calls, emails bereaved parents, and enthusiastically connects people with one another. She also holds full responsibility for heading up the Companion Programs at all four hospitals. Carol is our educator, she conducts all of the professional trainings we provide to healthcare providers, our peer companions, and our support group facilitators. Carol can be reached at emptyarmsbereavement@gmail.com.

  • Lisa Hamilton is our development and project manager- and boy, does she get the job done. Lisa is responsible for keeping track of all the people who use our services, making sure we follow up with them, acknowledge important anniversaries, and provide them with the necessary resources. Lisa helps to keep all of our projects on a timely schedule, and assists Carol in all the day-to-day functions of carrying out our program goals.

  • Carol and Lisa share the responsibility of writing grants, keeping our individual giving campaign moving, and keeping track of social media. Money related requests can be sent to development@emptyarmsbereavement.org

The two of us are an awesome team and love working together.

Our Peer Companions

Our Spanish Language Peer Companions

Our Group Facilitators 

Wait... isn't there a lot of overlap here?  YES. We are a small organization, and we have a small group of committed leaders, many of whom wear many hats for our organization. We've got facilitators who are also companions, facilitators who are also directors, and facilitators who are also board members. In all of our work, we make it a priority that each person who is involved in our organization has a deep personal connection to loss. This narrows our pool of qualified candidates, and so the end result is that we are blessed with a hard-working team of multi-tasking people!