Balloons for our babies at a memorial event- 5/2013

You are not alone. 

If you are grieving the loss of your baby, at any gestation or age, welcome. We’re so sorry you need to be here, but we’re glad to know you’ve taken an important step towards your own healing. Grief can be a painfully isolating experience. While it’s true that one in four pregnancies ends in a loss, most of us do not have someone in our life who can relate to the complicated feelings of grief that come with loss. Empty Arms is a community resource that works to connect people in the Pioneer Valley of Massachusetts with one another so that they feel less alone. If you explore what we offer, you'll see that in addition to our support groups, we offer a wide variety of resources to try to meet each person where they're at and provide them with whatever level of support feels comfortable and appropriate at that time. When you feel like you’re sinking, and you need a life line, let us throw you a rope.


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Almost everyone who gets involved with Empty arms ends up with a new friend to meet for coffee, to exchange emails with, or to call when they need a listening ear who "gets it." Beyond offering people opportunities to network with each other, we also help them to find other resources to help them to grow and heal.

It is our belief that each person has the inner wisdom and courage to survive the loss of their baby without ever forgetting their baby.

We hope you'll take the time to see what we offer, and if you're grieving, we hope there is some way that we can help. 

And who do we mean when we say we? Certainly we mean our staff and board, but we also mean all of the families who have come through Empty Arms over the years and still actively participate in meetings and events. Since our beginning as a single support group in 2007, we have served hundreds of individuals from 35 communities in Massachusetts, Vermont, and Connecticut. 

We are the only Massachusetts chapter of the national organization Share, and we are grateful to have the expertise of such a long-existing Pregnancy and Infant Loss institution to support us in our work. If you live in Eastern Massachusetts and can't utilize our physical resources, please look at Hopeful Connections to find groups closer to you. 

Please be in touch. 


Throughout our website, you'll see many magnificent examples of bereavement photography. We'd like to thank Erin Long Photography and Jessica Marie Photography for their beautiful work with these families. 

Brazos Desconsolados apoya a las familias que están sufriendo por el aborto natural, el mortinato, o la muerte infantil en el oeste de Massachusetts. Tratamos de encontrarnos con cada familia en su condición particular y proveerle con cualquier nivel de apoyo que parezca cómodo y apropiado en este momento.  

Usted no está solo.

Si quisiera servicios en español, favor de enviar un recado de texto a Carol, (413)-570-0811 o un email a Alguien le responderá dentro de poco.